Privacy Policy

** This form is provided as a sample to help with the operation of the shopping mall and needs to be modified according to the type of shopping mall operation. Before applying to the shopping mall, please check the operation details of the shopping mall and reflect the appropriate contents before using it. **

B.Blank (hereinafter the "Company") values ​​the personal information of customers and complies with related laws such as the "Personal Information Protection Act".
Through the personal information processing policy, the company informs you about the purpose and method of using the personal information you provide, and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information.

■ Items of personal information to be collected and methods
of collection a. Items of personal information to be collected
o The company collects the following personal information for membership registration, consultation, and service application.
- When registering for membership: name, date of birth, gender, login ID, password, home phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail, legal representative's information for subscribers under the age of 14
- When applying for service: address, payment information

o Service use records, access logs, cookies, access IPs, payment records, and bad use records may be created and collected in the course of service use or business processing.

me. Collection method
- Collection through website, written form, bulletin board, e-mail, event application, delivery request, phone call, fax, generated information collection tool

■ Purpose of collection and use of personal information The
company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
o Service provision contract implementation and service provision, payment settlement
contents, purchase and payment, delivery of goods or billing address, financial transaction identity verification and financial services
o Member management
Identity verification and personal identification according to membership service , Prevention of illegal use by bad members and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of subscription, age confirmation, confirmation of consent from legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under 14, complaint handling, complaint handling, and notice delivery o Events
used for marketing and advertising
Delivery of advertising information, etc., identification of access frequency, or statistics on member service use

■ Period of retention and use of
personal information In principle, after the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information is retained for the period specified for the following reasons.

go. Reasons for information retention according to the company's internal policy
 Even if a member withdraws from membership, the member's information may be retained for oo years from the date of termination of the contract to prevent recurrence of illegal use by bad members, resolve disputes, and cooperate with the request of investigation agencies. there is.

me. Reasons for retention of information according
to related laws If it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of related laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., the company keeps member information for a certain period set by the related laws as follows.
o Records on contract or subscription withdrawal, etc. -Reason
for retention: Act on consumer protection in e-commerce, etc.
-Retention period: 5 years
o Records on payment and supply of goods -Reason for
retention: Regarding consumer protection in e-commerce, etc. Law
- Retention period: 5 years
o Records related to consumer complaints or disputes -Reason
for retention: Act on consumer protection in e-commerce, etc.
-Retention period: 3 years
o Log records -Reason for retention
: Communications Secrets Protection Act
-Retention period: 3 month

■ Procedure and method of destruction
of personal information In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the company destroys the information without delay. The destruction procedure and method are as follows.
o Destruction procedure
Information entered by members for membership registration, etc. is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose is achieved (a separate filing cabinet in the case of paper), and in accordance with internal policies and other information protection reasons according to relevant laws (retention and use period) See) It is destroyed after being stored for a certain period of time.
Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any other purpose other than being retained unless it is required by law.
o Destruction method
Personal information stored in electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.

■ Personal information provision
The company does not, in principle, provide users' personal information to external parties. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.
o When users have given prior

■ Consignment of collected personal information The company consigns
the service to an external professional company as follows for service implementation.
o Consignee: [Name of courier company]
o Consignment details: [Delivery company consignment details]

o Consignment subject: [PG company name]
o Consignment work details: [PG company consignment details]

o Consigned subject: View supplier list
o Consigned work: [Content of consigned work]

■ Rights of users and their legal representatives and how to exercise them
o Users can inquire or modify their registered personal information at any time, and may request cancellation of membership.
o In order to inquire or modify users' personal information, click "Change Personal Information" (or "Modify Member Information", etc.) Correction or withdrawal is possible.
o If you contact the person in charge of personal information protection in writing, by phone or by e-mail, we will take action without delay.
o If you request correction of errors in personal information, the personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. In addition, if incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party of the result of the correction without delay so that the correction can be made.
o The company handles personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of the user as specified in the "Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information Collected by the Company" and cannot be viewed or used for any other purpose.

■ Matters concerning the installation, operation, and rejection of the automatic personal information collection device The
company operates "cookies" that store and find your information from time to time. Cookies are very small text files sent to your browser by the server used to operate the website and are stored on your computer's hard disk.
The company uses cookies for the following purposes:
o Purpose of use of cookies, etc.
1. To provide targeted marketing and personalized services by analyzing the access frequency and visit time of members and non-members, identifying users' tastes and interests and tracking traces, and identifying the degree of participation in various events and number of visits, etc.
2. You have the option to install cookies. Therefore, you can accept all cookies by setting options in your web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
o How
to reject cookie setting 1. As a way to reject cookie setting, you can accept all cookies by selecting the option of your web browser, check each time you save a cookie, or refuse to save all cookies. .
2. Example of setting method (in case of Internet Explorer): Tools at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Personal Information
3. However, if you refuse to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing services.

■ Civil service
related to personal information In order to protect customers' personal information and handle complaints related to personal information, the company has designated the relevant department and personal information protection manager as follows. o Name of
person in charge of personal information protection : Jeong Hyeong-seop Affiliation: B Blank Phone number: 010-8986-1107 E- mail:

o Person in charge of personal information protection
Name: Jeong Hyeong -seop
Affiliation: B Blank
Phone number: 010-8986-1107
E- mail:

o You can report any complaints related to personal information protection that occur while using the company's services to the person in charge of personal information protection or the department in charge.
o The company will promptly and sufficiently respond to users' reports.
o If you need to report or consult on other personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.
Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( / 118 without area code)
Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 1833-6972)
Cyber ​​Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / area code +1301)
National Police Agency Cyber ​​Security Bureau ( / 182 without area code)